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If you have a love for cars and you have been looking for a new career that aligns with your skills, we may have one of the perfect positions for you. Lease A Car NY is always looking for new individuals who want to start a career in NY. We look for people who are dedicated and motivated to advance in the auto industry. We are one of the top online car dealerships in the entire area and we offer one of the largest selections of vehicles to our customers. Call now: 347-269-2315
Lease A Car NY is able to provide you with the training you need to excel in your position and to grow as a person too. Whether you have many years of experience in the automotive industry or this is your first time in the industry, we can train you correctly to ensure your success. We offer the most competitive pay and benefits package to ensure our positions are lucrative. If you would like to learn more about our careers in NY, call our office today!
Below, we will discuss more about who we are and we think this information will help you decide if a position with us would be the right decision for you.

Careers in Auto Leasing in NY

The car leasing industry for dealerships has continued to be the same for many decades and customers will come to the lot and then check out the limited options and find themselves on the way to a new lot. This can be very frustrating and leave the customer disappointed too.
The process is very outdated and the advancement that have been made in the industry scream for change. At Lease A Car NY, we have completely entered the auto industry by storm and we have revolutionized the way that consumers lease vehicles in NY.
We do not have a physical car lot and this allows us to offer you the largest selection of vehicles possible. Car lots are limited to their physical space and with our virtual car lot, we have eliminated this and we can present you with hundreds of vehicles to choose from. We work closely with vehicle manufacturers too.
Whether you want to lease a Land Rover, GMC, Volvo, Smart, Volkswagen, or Ford, we have them all! We believe that our customers deserve to be able to lease any vehicle they want and we have paved the way for that to happen.
If you would like to look at or test drive one of the vehicles that we have available for lease, let us know. We will schedule an appointment for you to take the vehicle on a drive, so that you can get a feel for the vehicle. Once you choose a vehicle you want, we will help you secure the financing, and then deliver the vehicle to your door.

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If you would like to discuss a career in NY, now is the time to call us. We have open position now and we would love to fill them with people who have a passion for vehicles. Call Lease A Car NY at 347-269-2315.